Playlist for 26 May 2013

Irakere – Bacalao Con Pan
Charles Bradley – Where Do We Go From Here?
Wicked Lester – Here Comes My Girlfriend
Shockabilly – Day Tripper
Mop Mop – Kamakumba
Orlando Voorn – In Da Jungle
Gun Outfit – Fallen Sun Song
The Strokes – One Way Trigger
Wolf People – Athol
2:54 – Revolving
EMA – California
Junior Kimbrough – Meet Me In The City
Wicked Witch – Vera’s Back

Music like a punch to the face! (MMMT 24th February 2013)

The live show was beset by tech gremlins, but at great expense I have fixed the various problems for the podcast. Don’t let the aggression of the first few songs put you off – if you do, you’ll miss the glorious closer.

A: MMMT   B: Your ears

A:          MMMT              B:          Your ears

1. Death Grips – Hacker
2. Clipse – Dirty Money
3. Youth League – Barbed Wire
4. Little John – Bummy Bummy
5. Amon Düül II – Burning Sister
6. Bob Smith’s Ideal Band – Canal Cruise Parts I & II
7. Venom – Countess Bathory
8. Crystal Stilts – Flying Into The Sun
9. Prince Buster – Earthquake
10. Destroyer – Holly Going Lightly
11. Badfinger – In The Meantime/Some Other Time
12. Johnnie Walker – Love Vibrator
13. Clarence Carter – Making Love (At The Dark End Of The Street)

Waltz with Mister Sting… Music in 3/4 (MMMT 17th February 2013)

Waltz with Mister Sting

Did you know that Bob Dylan originally wrote ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ in 3/4 time?

That’s true, but this isn’t actually waltz music. It’s four sets of three thematically-linked songs. OK, so that probably makes it 4/3, or 4 x 3 or somesuch. Also, there’s the three linking tunes, so the whole architectonic really doesn’t stand up.


Three recent songs…
John Maus – Keep Pushing On (from my favourite album of 2011, We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves)
My Best Fiend – Higher Palms (from 2012’s In Ghostlike Fading)
Sweet Lights – Here Comes The Son (from their 2012 self-titled album)

Linking song #1
Gene Ammons – Jug Head Ramble

Three songs from ‘The Heart of Rock & Soul – The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made’ by Dave Marsh…
Jackie Wilson – Lonely Teardrops
Little Willie John – Need Your Love So Bad
Maurice & Mac – You Left The Water Running

Linking song #2
Ini Kamoze – World A Music

Three in your face/aggressive songs (I know that’s not really a ‘theme’)…
Sean Paul – Infiltrate
Pantera – Mouth For War
Capone ‘N’ Noreaga – Halfway Thugs

Linking song #3
Norman A. Harris – In Good Faith

Three obscure gems from facebook and the like…
Herb Geller, Simon Alcott, Okko Bekker, Peter Haesslein – East Indian Traffic
Pretty – Mustache in Your Face
Thirty Pounds of Bone – S.A.D.

‘Mister Sting loves you’ (Mighty Mighty Mix Tape, 10th February 2013)

Mister Sting Loves You

There are 16 songs. They’re all relatively unknown and 10 of them came out in the last year So if you’ve been wondering where all the good new music is…

I’ve taken quite a while sorting the audio, so if you’ve been looking for the perfect introduction to Mighty Mighty Mix Tape… THIS IS IT! Tell all of your friends, tell your family! (But if any of them object to naughty words, you might want to distract them around the time that Big Pun comes on, because he’s a bit – well, a lot – sweary).

Show your ears some love.

Füxa – I Love You
Casual Sex – Stroh 80
M. Ashraf – Ann Data
Parma Violets – Best Of Friends
Sly & Robbie – Dirty Flirty
Randy Newman – Louisiana 1927
John Talabot feat. Pional – So Will Be Now
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Driftwood
Kempy & The Guardians – Love For A Price
Cutty Ranks – Who Say Me Dun
Foxygen – We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Music
Fimber Bravo – Life After Doomsday
Thee Open Sex – Walkin’ The Dog
Big Pun – I’m Not A Player
TNGHT – Higher Ground
Matthew E. White – Brazos

Firstly, yes, OK, I said that I’d played seventeen songs and it’s ‘only’ sixteen songs. That’s still loads.
The Casual Sex single will be released as part of the Moshi Moshi Singles Club on 1st April (limited edition 7″ vinyl and download). Check out more sounds from Moshi Moshi here.
The Veronica Falls album that I didn’t play really is brilliant and you should buy it. Watch the ludicrously hipster video for the single ‘Teenage’ here.
Kempy & The Guardians recorded ‘Love for a Price’ twice in… 1966. Here is the other version.
Thee Open Sex‘s album is available here for $5 (download) or $13 (vinyl – limited to 300)
It’s Matthew E. White (as above), not Michael E. White (as I said on the show). Either way, his album sounds great. Brazos is the name of a river (in fact, the longest river) in Texas. I had to cut the end of the song off when I played it on the radio, but I’ve included it in the podcase in its full 10-minute glory.

On Gay Marriage, And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Religion

My most popular post to date had nothing to do with music, so I thought I’d add my tuppence about another LGBTQ issue, namely gay marriage. I think a significant strand of opposition is based on a misapprehension which is shared by many proponents of gay marriage. I’m going to attempt to clear it up in one line…

Put simply, marriage is not always (in the UK, is not even normally) a religious ceremony.

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Reply to The Independent blog post ‘Julie Burchill should be free to offend’

This was my contribution to ‘Burchillgate’.
The writer Suzanne Moore had been involved in some controversy over published remarks about transgendered people and subsequent twitter activity. Julie Burchill wrote a piece that claimed to be a defence of Moore but was, in fact, the rant of a sad, vile cretin.

The Observer chose to publish this rant.

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